Director’s Statement

There are too many thoughts and emotions that I can’t fully express from being apart of this documentary. On one hand I feel helpless, heart-broken, and furious at the fact that young children are being forced into this way of life, (whether it is physical, cultural, or however) but I also have so much joy from seeing the faces and hearing the stories of those that have been rescued and rehabilitated and are more than survivors. Many are moving into careers and futures that they wouldn’t have dreamed were possible, and others still are joining the battle to prevent others from going through the hell that they endured. As a first-time director, I don’t know how I will ever be able to make a documentary that has as meaningful of a message as The Pink Room… and if this is the last film I ever make, I will have no regrets about my career as a filmmaker.

Our hope is that the world will know that this problem is not too big and that everyone can do something to help those who are trapped in sex trafficking, no matter where you are or what your abilities are. That’s what this film has been about from the beginning. It was never merely about bringing awareness to the problem, but more importantly to bring awareness to the solutions.

And there are solutions. – Joel Sandvos

The Crew

Joel Sandvos, Director, Co-Producer

Joel Sandvos is a director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and musician with a clear passion to combine those talents into creating relevant films that inspire people to action. His desire to find compelling stories have brought him to Africa, Asia, and Europe. In 2012, he and his wife Adrienne launched Goat Rock Films, making “The Pink Room” Goat Rock’s first film, as well as Joel’s directorial debut. After traveling all over the world to numerous film festivals, and winning over a dozen awards, The Pink Room will move on to DVD, VOD, and broadcast. Joel’s biggest passion is his family in northern California, where he and Adrienne live with their four children.

Janey Shugart, Co-Producer

Janey believes that we can make a difference in our world, one life at a time. After 15 years in the business world, and 15 years raising her three daughters, she has been given the opportunity to stimulate her creative talents with gifted artists and share Mien’s story. She is an active tri athlete that believes that anything is possible.

Steve and Janey Shugart, Executive Producers

Steve participated in his first IRONMAN triathlon in support of Mien and all the girls without voices caught in the turbulent world of child sex slavery.

Micah Smith, Cinematographer

Micah Smith grew up in the rural Northern Californian town of Cool. As a boy he and his close friend Seth would create stop-motion “claymations” with his parents Hi-8 video camera. It wasn’t until his early college years that his love for the moving image was reignited by a growing interest in photography. This eventually led to his decision to complete a Media Arts degree at California State University Chico.

After graduation Micah spent time honing his cinematography skills. Not long after, he embarked on his first major film project, a documentary on Child Sex Trafficking in Cambodia. Micah has since moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides. He specializes as cinematographer and DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) for high profile clients such as McDonalds, Toyota, and GE. He has also worked on a number of feature films and collaborates with Emmy-winning commercial director, Alan White.

Seth Shore, Cinematographer

Seth Shore is a screenwriter, script analyst & stereoscopic 3D editor from California. Accompanied by Micah Smith, he traveled to Cambodia to capture the initial footage for The Pink Room. He is married to the hottest woman on the planet and is currently working in Western Pennsylvania.

Wyley Wilkin, Composer

Wyley Wilkin is a voice and piano teacher and composer. He is passionate about music — how it can tell its own story or add depth and draw out emotion in a story already told. Every composition of his is deeply personal, but orchestrating The Pink Room and helping to tell Mien’s story has been a unique experience he was honored to be a part of and will never forget.

Brad Kelly, Assistant Editor, Audio Mixer, Composer

Brad Kelly is a musician and music producer in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to assistant editing and co-mixing the audio for The Pink Room, Brad writes and records music under the name “YRLK (hyperlink to,” from which a song can be heard at the end of The Pink Room. He also works on film, commercial, and documentary location audio as a boom operator and audio mixer.

Fernanda Rossi, Story Consultant

Fernanda Rossi has doctored over 300 documentaries, fiction scripts and fundraising trailers including two Academy Award® nominees. The synopses, treatments and fundraising trailers she consulted on won grants from NEH, National Endowment for the Humanities among others.
Fernanda’s work as a story consultant, lecturer and filmmaker has been featured in Filmmaker Magazine, New York Times, Film Ireland, and Ecran Total. Fernanda has been invited to give presentations and seminars for major world conferences and organizations such asHotDocs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, and SilverDOCS. Her columns and articles have been published in trade publications like The Independent, Documentary Magazine, and many others. She is also the author of the book that, according to industry professionals is the bible on demo production: Trailer Mechanics: A Guide to Making your Documentary Fundraising Demo.